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That’s all fantastic

but how do we actually do this?


First of all we Think: We benchmark your business so there’s an aligned understanding...

Between Zarrdia and your firm as to the maturity of your People, Applications and Infrastructure to serve the goals of your business. When it comes to IT, always ask yourself does this make business sense? Always make sure that those thinking with you are thinking independently. Lots of IT firms have partners and they sell their clients, you, their partners’ products. At Zarrdia we ensure our benchmark of your business is completely independent of vendor solutions and focuses on your goals.


Following this we look to design and build key streams that deliver on your key goals.

It’s important to note this may mean adopting Cloud Native across your People, Applications and Infrastructure, at a time and a place that’s right for your business. Whilst some of those streams may mean cutting-edge tech from continuous integration delivery and deployment to full design-thinking dev-ops and serverless orchestration of containers.

Whilst other streams of work may simply look at existing investments in technology stripping out unnecessary cost whilst increasing service delivery.


When we finish building on behalf of your business, we will have made ourselves redundant.

Leaving you to Run with People, Applications and Infrastructure that are fast moving, fast changing and fully manageable by your team. Our 24/7 365 operations team are of course here to help you manage your People, Application and Infrastructure changes into the future. But our guiding principle is to give as much control back to your business and operations teams.


But don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s who we’re taking through the Cloud Native journey, increasing the velocity, safety and assurance with which these businesses are providing their services.