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Have you ever found yourself lost in a jungle of jargon and in a Tetris of technology, spending precious resources on systems you don’t understand with firms that make you feel stupid?

There isn’t one business owner or CEO I’ve asked that question to who said: “No”. The world of IT is not complicated, just some people insist on making it so. In fact every 2-3 years, it seems we create a new list of buzz words to talk about. So much so, that we don’t even understand them ourselves! When you’re busy winning business, nurturing existing clients, managing an HR crisis and applying for capital, you can end up abdicating your IT power to experts, techies and outsiders with sales targets to meet.


When we work with clients, the first question we ask is: What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Remember them? Your raison d’être.

In business, this is what everything boils down to. Your IT system needs to exist in service to these KPIs. It is that simple. When talking to an IT consultant, there is only one question you should ever ask them: “How does this IT change make business sense?”

If they can’t answer that fairly and squarely, and only in relation to your KPIs, you need to move on. At Zarrdia, we created our unique KPI benchmark, free of vendor technologies. This enables us to understand how your IT investments should link to your KPI’s and in which order makes most sense for “You”. This covers everything from networks in the ground to cloud-native readiness and the culture within your team.

When it comes to IT, always ask yourself does this make business sense? And always make sure the advice you’re getting is independent  – lots of IT firms have partners and they sell their clients, you, their partners’ products. But again, does that make business sense to you?

Want to see how our benchmark would work for your business? Send our team an email [email protected]

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