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Your business has a complex and existing estate made up of Infrastructure, Applications and People. Our commitment to you is to create a simple path through what can be a very complex infrastructure and Cloud journey.


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Your Infrastructure makes up the physical compute, storage, networks and security that underpin the speed and effeciency at which your business works. “Cloud Native” ensures you have the option to deliver your Infrastructure as code. This means increasing the velocity, safety and assurance with which you can provide your infrastructure services.


  1. Network
  2. Security
  3. Compute
  4. Provisioning


But how you develop and maintain your Applications is critical to the speed, safety and assurance through which your business delivers its services. Our Cloud Native approach maximises, where possible, your application, architecture, maintenance and delivery model.


  1. Architecture
  2. Delivery
  3. Maintenance


Last but not least, your People are fundamental to the success of your business. Cloud Native is not just about tech, it’s about how your teams work together, the culture in your organisation, and the processes through which you work with every day. We ensure your People are front and centre throughout any Infrastucture or Cloud transformations.


  1. Process
  2. Team
  3. Culture
  4. Service design
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How we do it

First of all, we Think: We benchmark your business so there’s an initial understanding between us and your firm as to where you currently are and how we can serve the goals of your business. We ensure our benchmark of your business is completely independent of vendor solutions and focuses on your goals.

Following our aligned benchmark of your business, we look to design and Build key streams that deliver on your key goals. Some of those streams may mean cutting-edge tech from continuous-integration delivery and deployment, to full design-thinking dev-ops and serverless orchestration of containers. These streams might also just mean streamlining how you already do things in your IT environment, without needing to go full Cloud Native.

When we finish building on behalf of your business, if we have done our job properly, we will have made ourselves redundant. Leaving you to Run with People, Applications and Infrastructure that are fast-moving, fast-changing and fully manageable by your team.

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Think Build Run

Some of our clients

From national to international businesses and major State agencies, we develop and manage flexible IT environments to meet our clients’ business needs.

We prove that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses.We are trusted by Blue Chip Irish and International brands.

We prove that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses.We are trusted by Blue Chip Irish and International brands.


What people are saying

Zarrdia have been instrumental, through their Tactical & Strategic IT capabilities. In assisting the NTA, develop, implement and support key IT Initiatives. That will ultimately provide high quality, accessible & sustainable transport services for the people of Ireland.

As a result, Zarrdia will be a key strategic partner to the NTA, in the delivery of IT Infrastructure and Cloud Native services, for the next decade
Declan Sheehan - CIO National Transport Authority
As one of our top strategic partners, Zarrdia have been fundamental in driving our largest transformation program across London, Belfast and Dublin, under-pining the critical services we provide to our clients.

On the back of this successful engagement, Tibus have awarded Zarrdia a 5 year contract. Working side by side with our team, as we extend our Infrastructure & Cloud Native Services into 2025
Brian McCrory - COO Tibus
Zarrdia are the only external IT advisory firm that we currently use here in the RCSI. As part of our exciting and ambitious growth plans over the next decade. We are delighted to have Zarrdia beside us, as we navigate the many challenges with onsite/hybrid infrastructure and cloud transformation strategies.
Justin Ralph - CTO RCSI

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